Getting Your Curtains Made To Measure

Made To Measure Curtains have a number of advantages over ready made curtains which will help you save money and get the look that you want. Ready to hang curtains can be purchased in both standard lengths and different sleeve lengths. If you are on a tight budget you may choose to order standard ready made curtains and then change the sleeves or buy them a little longer to save yourself some cash. They do make great curtains for every room of your house from your kitchen and bathroom through to your study.
Made To Measure Curtains can also be fitted with different types of lining fabrics to give you the ultimate in designer style. The lining fabric can be a basic cotton blend or it can be something as glamorous as silk crepe. You will generally pay slightly more for the curtains than the normal ready-made types but ensure that the perfect fit is well worth it. As with anything else the different choice of fabrics available in the ready to hang segment is generally better in the customized section.
Ready to Hang Curtains can be sized by using the following measuring techniques. If you are purchasing ready made curtains they are usually marked on the fabric label either by number or by size so you can measure the curtain width exactly, it doesn’t matter what the manufacturer advises as long as you get the right width. Many manufacturers supply Ready to Hang curtains that are manufactured with specific numbers of inches. If you want to ensure the curtains measure the correct width when you go to order them, use this sizing guide as a rough guide.
One way of measuring curtains is to lay them out flat and then take a tape measure to mark where the corners meet. These are called measure points and you will need to take the resulting number, which will be several inches larger than the actual width of the piece of fabric you want. This measurement can be used to get a better idea of the dimensions of your desired pleated fabrics. Remember that there are usually small margins on the edges of pleats, so make sure you don’t measure too far ahead of the pleats so they don’t hide the edge of the pleats.
Some ready made curtain fabrics will come with a built in tape measure, but many will not, so you can measure from one edge of the pole to another. This allows you to get a good idea of how much fabric will be required, but if you don’t have a built in pole you can still get a similar measurement by using an ordinary screwdriver handle. Start by taking the fabric off of the pole and wrapping it round the outside of the pole until the measurement comes out correctly.
The next measurement is basically the width of the whole panel of curtains, so measure from the seams to get this measurement. You should be able to get a rough idea of the lengths of the curtains from this measurement. Once you have these numbers, then measure the dimensions of the panels of the curtains, remembering that they should all be the same size. If you are using ready-made curtains then you can also use this as a guide to getting the measurements for the liner of your choice.